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Get to know our down to earth consultant team! Sincere and friendly, not "sales-y" :)

Sarah: Owner

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Why do you love your job? I really do love pretty dresses. But if that was all it was, I would have been done after a month. I love the puzzle solving of finding the right match for a bride. I love seeing a woman feel confident, beautiful and like her true self. I love the art that is fashion. I love being a witness to an incredible cultural touchstone that has been going on for generations and generations.

What is your favorite “sneaky” dress, the dress that hides on the hanger but is amazing on the body? I have to say I was skeptical of Essense D2124, but it is the perfect balance of sleek and detail and really flatters so many shapes. Also Anya by KWH is a "magic dress" as my mother calls it :)

What is your favorite Seattle Restaurant? Cafe Flora or Harvest Beat! My husband are vegetarian and love the atmosphere and foodie experience at both. 

What is your go to “pump up song”? Ok, don't laugh but "Thats My Girl" by Fifth Harmony really gets me going! I might even tear up sometimes... I can't explain it!

Jessica: Manager

What is your favorite “sneaky” dress, the dress that hides on the hanger but is amazing on the body? Oh, it is soo hard to pick just one! It changes often but my favorite dress in the store that not a lot of brides try on is the new Whitney gown by KWH! The silhouette is so simple and lovely paired with the intricate hand beaded work that is on top of the soft silk!

What is your favorite Seattle Restaurant? My favorite restaurant in Seattle has to be The Pink Door. I love their fresh pasta, wine and cabaret shows they put on. My other favorite restaurant that is a little north of Seattle is FIVE Bistro. If you are ever in the Edmonds area - this a a must try!

What is your go to “pump up song”? My favorite go to songs would definitely have to be anything from the Spice Girls or Amy Winehouse!

Why do you think Calla Bridal is a special place to shop? I think Calla Bridal is a very special place to shop for THE perfect wedding gown of your dreams because we really care about each and every bride who walks through our doors. We are a small shop so we can always focus on one bride at a time. We take into account your interests and style and personally help you select dresses that you will feel your very best in!  There is no better feeling than when a bride puts on a dress and just knows “It’s the ONE”... It gives me goosebumps every time! Working in the bridal industry has always been my dream since I was a little girl (I was that 5 year old planning her perfect wedding) and I want to help each bride feel special and have her dreams come true on her big day!


Paige: Consultant

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